Occupational Therapy

Therapy360 offers Occupational Therapy at our Greenville and Columbia locations.  Occupational Therapy focuses on motor skills, handwriting and fine motor, and sensory integration.

Motor Skills

Deficits in motor skills may be a result of developmental delay or traumatic injury.  These injuries or delays may impair a child’s ability to self-feed, sit-up, reach, hold a crayon/pencil to color or write, balance, or play with toys just to name a few.  Occupational therapists address these challenges to increase range of motion, flexibility, overall muscle strength, coordination, and functional posture.  Occupational therapists may also prescribe adaptive equipment and temporary or permanent devices to help an individual function independently.

Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

Handwriting is crucial to school-age children.  It is the most common form of communication teachers use to evaluate a student’s academic competence.  Hand-writing requires the coordination of written language, muscle strength and endurance, pencil grasp, and letter formation.  An occupational therapist can diagnose and treat all of these areas.

Sensory Integration

Sensory input is a very important part of our daily lives, and our occupational therapists are highly skilled in the area of sensory integration.  When a person is unable to tolerate or accommodate various levels of sensations provided to any of their five senses, he or she may have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  SPD can affect an individuals attention, communication, cognitive, psychological, and/or motor skills.  Sensory integration therapy may also be beneficial for children without a diagnosis of SPD.
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